Become Stronger Outside and In

Become Stronger
Outside and In

Life Systems
Martial Arts

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Become Stronger Outside and In

Become Stronger Outside and In

Life Systems
Martial Arts

Thinking of Joining?

Fill out the form below to gain access to our schedule & exclusive web specials!

The Benefits of choosing

Life Systems Martial Arts

Bet you thought our Life Systems Martial Arts school was just a super cool place to get fit and learn self-defense...well, you're right, but it's a lot MORE than just that!

As you get strong and physically fit, you'll also start to see some changes that most of our students didn't know would happen. Especially the younger ones. They are totally amazed by the subtle changes that happen when you train in our programs.


Get Fit

Get physically and mentally fit with our martial arts programs.


Life Protection

Learn skills that can be applied to real life scenarios.


Confidence and Self Respect

Enhanced confidence and self respect are just a few of the values we instill at Life Systems Martial Arts


About Our Programs

Kempo Karate

Watch your child's confidence, focus and listening skills improve with each passing week!

Little Samurais

Gain confidence, self-discipline and awareness while learning to protect yourself in just about any situation!

Fitness Kickboxing

Get a great workout, step outside your comfort zone and get empowered!

Praying Mantis Kung Fu

The Ancient Martial Arts! unlock its secrets today so you too may experience what it offers...a path towards happiness through selflessness

Street Smart Self Defense

Feel safer and more confident while learning how to protect yourself in any situation that may occur.

Tai Chi Chuan

Unlock the secrets of ancient martial artists to live a peaceful, harmonious, stress-free life

Why Choose Us

Life Systems Martial Arts






Respect & Courtesy


Fitness & Stamina

Success stories

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Are Both Group and Private Classes Available?

Most of our members enjoy the group setting, but private sessions are available too, depending on instructor availability.

How Many People Are In a Group Class
At peak times, there's between 15-30. Some times have more, some less. But we make sure to have enough instructors to match the class size. That way you always get the attention you need.
Are There Beginners Like Me?
Yes! Our classes cater to people of all experience levels, and in every class there are people all over the spectrum.
Do I Have To Be In Shape Or Lose Weight Before I Begin Training
No, you don’t. We will ease you into the discipline of Martial Arts training and the initial exercises. Regardless of your fitness level, once you begin training, you’ll start to get in shape and feel immediate, positive results. Getting started in our classes is the best way to start losing weight. As you continue your training, maintaining your ideal weight will be much easier.
Am I Too Old To Start Learning Kung Fu?
We have students from ages 5 to 65 training in their respective classes. Regardless of your age, the training will make you feel great. It’s an excellent way to improve your overall health, not to mention the benefit of learning how to protect yourself.
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Life Systems Martial Arts offers character building and fitness programs for all ages including Kids Karate, Adult Karate and Fitness Kickboxing as well as Birthday Parties.

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